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Many moons ago there was a viking group from Denmark exploring the seas. They landed in The Netherlands and did what they always did, a bit of trading, a bit of fighting and a bit of getting to know the locals. One of the vikings took a shine to a Dutch silversmith. She seemed nice and she made jewelry that he had not seen before. He decided to take her home, if nothing else he could make good money from her craftsmanship. And the rest, as they say, is history.

That Dutch silversmith would be me, Carolien. While the story above is not quite what happened, it is a fun tale to tell.

For as long as I remember I have always felt the need to create things with my hands, as a youngster it was mostly drawing until I got introduced to paper crafts. This evolved into wanted to try more and more techniques and crafts. I’ve always felt like challenging myself, learning new things. By coincidence I found wire weaving and wire wrapping, quite a leap from my paper crafts, but eager to challenge myself I jumped on it. A whole new world of learning, exploring and making beautiful things opened up.

Now, many years later, I’m still not done learning and exploring, it’s a forever ongoing process. I love getting inspired by Viking artifacts and incorporating those in my jewelry, it is not always obvious, but it is there in most designs. It is important to me that the jewelry I make will last a long time. So the above mentioned viking tests out new designs, if it holds when he is wearing it… it will hold.

Not only does the viking test designs, he also helps out in customer service, so who knows, you might get to talk to him when contacting us. No worries though, he is not like many vikings you see on TV, he’s really quite friendly 🙂